Scrub Med is synonymous with fashionable medical uniforms.  Scrub Med’s unique prints and solid colors have revolutionized the dress codes of numerous institutions and clinics around the country. 

Today, bright colors and prints are common in just about all health care settings.  That was not always true; just a few years ago white, light blue and green were the only colors roaming the hospital floors.  When we introduced black scrubs in the early 90’s, people said they would never sell because they are, “the color of death.” Twenty years later, black is a top seller! 

Scrub Med, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Joan Burns, RN a critical care nurse in Portland, Oregon. Joan’s goal was never to be the biggest scrub company, she simply wanted to make the best quality, best fitting scrubs and lab jackets possible.  When our customers began “complaining” that their scrubs were lasting too long, she knew we were on the right track.  When they began telling us that their scrubs had lasted 5, 10 and even 19 years, we knew we were making pretty good scrubs. 

Sure, Scrub Med’s scrubs aren’t prefect; seams unravel, snaps pop off.  We know that not everyone’s scrubs are going to last for 10 or even 5 years, but for nearly 25 years the folks at Scrub Med have worked hard to make the quality, best fitting scrubs Joan first envisioned.

While fashion trends will change, Scrub Med, Inc. will continue to provide quality scrubs and lab jackets in unique prints and colors in durable, easy care fabrics with comfortable styles and designs, all manufactured in the USA!