Compression Socks - Treat Your Legs Right!

Nov 11th 2016

Those of you who've worked long shifts know that comfortable feet and legs are key to having a productive day even while being constantly on the go. It’s important to take care of your legs, especiall … read more

Cute Fall Scrub Prints at

Nov 4th 2016

Fall is here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Like the leaves rapidly changing outside, we are also quickly changing their Summer state of mind towards Fall. This is the time of year when folks sta … read more

Why are Medical Scrubs a Requirement?

Oct 19th 2016

When you go into a traditional office environment, employees wear the professional attire of their choice. In a health care setting, most medical professionals wear scrubs. Medical scrubs became a lar … read more

The History of Medical Scrubs

Oct 12th 2016

If you were to travel back in time to a clinic in the 1700s, it might be difficult to distinguish the medical staff from the patients. This is because the use of medical scrubs is a relatively modern … read more