Size XXS Scrubs - vanity sizing or great fitting scrubs?

Jul 30th 2014

Do you wear size XXS scrubs because they fit or because they make you feel good?

J. Crew has been taking a lot of heat recently for their July introduction of size XXXS and 000 number size, which fits those with a 23 inch waist. J. Crew claims they are extending their size chart to better accommodate customers coming from their Asian market. On the other hand, critics claim J. Crew is using "vanity sizing"; the garment industry's practice of ever smaller numbers being applied to larger garments, fooling customers into believing they are wearing smaller sizes. Vanity sizing has been going on for sometime now: a size 0 today was a size 8 in 1978. It doesn't make sense that as our waistlines have increased, the size we wear has gotten smaller. This shift in sizing can make shopping for clothes more difficult and increase the rate of returns but it often makes shoppers feel better!

XXS Scrubs from Scrub Med

At Scrub Med we offer size XXS scrubs (the equivalent to J. Crew's size XXXS) not because our customers are vain, but to better fit our smaller health care professionals. For years we did our best to alter our size 00-0 petite scrub pants to meet the needs of our smaller customers. We added size XXS Flare leg scrub pants when it became clear there was a need for them in the marketplace. Scrub Med brand flare leg scrubs in size XXS are available in seven colors from our regular Poly/Cotton fabric line: Black, Charcoal, Eggplant, Dark Chocolate, Khaki, Navy and Moss. XXS flare leg scrub pants may also be custom ordered in any of our other Poly/Cotton colors or our Scrub Lite colors. Alterations available include custom inseams; often referred to as "tall" scrub pants or "petite" scrub pants in the medical uniform industry. All Scrub Med brand scrubs are made in the USA from fabrics imported or domestic.

If you have questions regarding our size XXS scrubs or any Scrub Med medical uniforms, please contact us at scrubs@scrubmed or 800-942-8833.