Custom Alterations

Scrub Med is not a “one size fits all” unisex medical uniform company. We recognize the unique body differences between men and women and our scrubs are designed with those differences in mind.


To assist you in getting the best fit possible we offer a number of alterations to your scrub tops, scrub pants and lab jackets.  If you need tall scrub pants or petite scrubs, we will hem your scrub pants to your exact inseam (give or take a ¼ inch)!  Need your scrub tops longer or shorter? We can do that. Adjust your sleeve length, you bet. We will even adjust the length of your lab jacket or coat!  These alterations will not only make you look more professional, you will feel more professional wearing properly fitting custom scrubs!

Since garments with custom alterations are not returnable, we suggest you try a regular inventory garment before ordering alterations.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  We are only able to alter Scrub Med brand scrubs and lab jackets. For additional alterations or questions; please call us at 1-800-942-8833.

Custom Scrub Pants – Adjust inseam $4.00

Add/remove cargo pockets $4.00

Custom Scrub Tops – Adjust length $6.00

Add/remove pockets $4.00

Add slits $4.00

Embroidery $8.00 per line

Custom Lab Jackets – Adjust length $6.00

Adjust sleeve length $6.00

Embroidery $8.00 per line -- Embroidery gives medical uniforms a personalized, custom tailored look. We offer embroidery in either script (cursive-like) or block (all capital letters).  You may order up to two lines with 16 characters each.  Cost $8.00 per line. Embroidered garments are not returnable.  Please review your order before finalizing.  Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.