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Scrubs Made in the USA

Scrub Med brand scrubs are cut and sewn in Portland, Oregon.  All our scrubs are made from fabrics domestic or imported. We shop from New York to Los Angeles, purchasing only from US based manufacturers, which use the highest quality materials. The purchase of our scrubs supports American workers from coast to coast, possibly your neighbor.

Since we don’t know where all the pieces that make up our scrubs come from, it may be more accurate to make a “qualified claim” that our scrubs are “Made in the USA”.  We are certain that our scrubs are cut and sewn in the USA.  We purchase our thread from Atlanta, our drawstring from New York and our fabric is purchased from companies on both coasts. The question is where do these companies source their goods from?  The US is one of the world’s largest producers of cotton, but due to environmental restrictions most textiles are now dyed offshore. If the gray goods are made from US cotton, shipped to South America to be dyed and returned to the US to be sold from a warehouse in New York, is the fabric considered to be “Made in the USA”?  You can see how complex the “Is this Made in the USA?” question can become.

The Pros of Buying Scrub Med brand scrubs

Numerous studies have shown that American made garments are higher quality and last longer than similar garments made overseas. We have been in business since 1989 and our customers often “complain" that our scrubs last too long. Some customers have told us they have been wearing the same scrubs for over 10 years.  The current record is 15 years!  Of course, the life of your scrubs depends on the care you give them.

It’s a common misconception that American made products are more expense than those made in China.  That is simply not true.  Our American made scrubs are the same price to a dollar or two more than poorer quality scrubs made offshore.

Purchasing US made scrubs supports our economy.  According to Yes Magazine, for every dollar spent with local businesses 45 cents is reinvested locally as compared to 15 cents when you buy from corporate chains.  Health care professionals: You should be embracing “Made in the USA”.  You are a “Made in the USA" profession. Your patients don’t come from overseas for an appointment.  There’re your neighbors; their kids go to schools with your kids.  They support you; you should support them by buying USA Made goods.


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