Our Scrubs


A little about our quality scrubs...

Scrub Med has been making high quality scrubs, lab jackets and lab coats since 1989. Our scrubs are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. And all cut and sewn in the USA. Scrub Med’s quality scrubs are so good they can last for years. While we can’t guarantee how long your scrubs will last, we know with proper care your Scrub Med scrubs should easily outlast other medical scrubs.
“I’ve been wearing the same two scrub tops for over fifteen years. I wish Scrub Med still had these prints, I would buy more.” – Mark K.
I want to compliment you on how well made your garments are. Everyone raves over the quality and workmanship.” -Erin M.
I bought some scrubs 19 years ago that are still in great shape.” -Herman S.
Why are high quality scrubs better? In her book: Over Dressed, the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion, Elizabeth Cline extensively documents the downside of cheap clothing. She reveals that clothing manufactured overseas is generally of poor quality. “Net margins in China are 3-5%” to compete; Chinese factories have been switching to cheaper thread or fabric on the sly.” Cheap clothing is not just about poor quality; it also impacts the environment and economy both here and abroad.
If you look at your scrubs today you will not find a “Made in the USA” tag, unless of course you are wearing Scrub Med. Instead you will see Made in China, India, Vietnam or Egypt... any place there is cheap labor. No major medical uniform manufacturer produces scrubs in the USA and while they have some great styles and fabrics, they are in general not quality scrubs.
Quality scrubs made in the USA support our economy. Scrub Med manufactures our medical scrubs in Portland, Oregon. Our seamstresses buy cars, homes and eat at local restaurants. Their wages stay in the USA and create jobs for others.
Since high quality scrubs can last longer they are less likely to end up in landfills or shipped by the pound to overseas markets. According to Cline, "We have become a 'buy and toss society' deposing nearly 87 pounds of textiles per person per year." Quality scrubs can be repaired adding years to the life of your scrubs. We have several customers who every few years return their medical uniforms to us to tighten up the seams or replace a zipper.
High quality scrubs need not cost more. Scrub Med’s scrubs retail for about the same price as the major brand scrub companies. When you factor in the years of wear you can receive (with proper care), Scrub Med scrubs can actually be cheaper in the long run than less expensive foreign made medical uniforms.
“Clothing is valuable, it should be valued.” – Elizabeth Cline